Each and every active domain is registered on the name of a person and during the registration process many details are presented - the owner’s names, address, email, phone number, etc. This information as well as the registrar company name and the registration/expiration dates is addressed as WHOIS of the domain address and in compliance with the policies of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) it has to be current and accurate. If a domain has incorrect WHOIS details, it can be reported and if the details aren't corrected, the domain address may be deleted or the registrar company may take over its ownership. By default, the WHOIS information is public and may be seen on many lookup websites, or for a smaller number of country-code extensions - on the websites of the respective Registry organizations. All businesses that provide registration services are obliged to provide a simple way for their customers to access and change the WHOIS information of any domain they own as much as the specific TLD allows it.

Full WHOIS Management in Cloud Website Hosting

When you acquire a Linux cloud website hosting from our company, you'll be able to control all domain names registered through us through our Hepsia CP. Its advanced Domain Manager tool will allow you to see or update the WHOIS details of your domains with a few clicks and even handle several domains at a time, which will save you considerable time and efforts if you need to update the email address or the contact number associated with all your domains, for example. Considering that several country-code extensions have specific requirements, we can assist you with an update 24/7 - for example, for a few TLDs editing the Registrant names cannot be done automatically, so we can walk you through this process. We've done our best to make certain that Hepsia gives you complete and easy management over the WHOIS info of your domain names.