An e-mail alias is an email which uses the same mailbox as the initial email. For instance, you can have as your authentic address and add an alias Each of the addresses can share the exact same mailbox, so e-mails sent to either one of them shall be received in a single place. You can use aliases for various reasons, such as emailing various groups of people or registering on websites. If you begin to get lots of spam, for instance, you can just erase the alias whilst your actual mailbox will not be changed by any means and you will retain the emails that you need. Aliases are often regarded as an alternative to forwarding emails from one mailbox to a different one if you use more than one email address for contact on your website.

E-mail Aliases in Cloud Website Hosting

Setting up an alias for any email address is really easy when you've got a cloud website hosting package with our company. This can be done from the Emails area of the Hepsia Control Panel, which is used to control the web hosting accounts and it takes just a few clicks. It is possible to add or delete tens of aliases at any time and save valuable time when you take care of the emails for a few email addresses that you use - for instance, numerous business units in a company or different sections of a web site. If you get emails from many addresses in one email address, but different people must have a copy of particular emails, you can combine the aliases with mail forwarding and/or e-mail filters, which can be also configured with Hepsia.